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I use Maxthon to login Gmail, Google, and use that sign-in across other websites.

Unexpectedly, the new login page is not behaving properly when i am trying to login(in the same account) after i logged out properly.

Google is detecting my previous email address, and asking for password only. When i am entering password, it is doing NOTHING. The page isn't crashed.


  • Windows 7 Enterprise
  • behind corporate firewall, but Google services aren't blocked
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After some analysis, and retrying on other browsers, i decided that the cookies(from*) that are saved by Maxthon browser, are corrupted.

As, Maxthon has no user-friendly option to clear cookies only, I had to work under the hood for work around.

  • Open the login page
  • Open Developer tools. Main_Menu --> Tools --> Developer's tool.
  • Click "Resources" tab, navigate to "Cookies" section, select Google.*
  • Delete each of the line individually
  • Reload the page with "CTRL+F5", not just F5.

Now the page loads with no "preloaded" email address. Now, i could sign-in easily.

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