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I have my Windows 7 system drive fully encrypted with TrueCrypt 7.1a using "system encryption". Now I have a second, identical, empty drive that I'd like to use as a mirror of the system drive.

In Windows disk manager, I have the option to "Add Mirror" to my System drive, but haven't pulled the trigger yet because I haven't found any documentation on if this will actually work or possibly break things.

Is this possible and safe? Also, will the mirrored drive be encrypted or will Windows simply mirror the decrypted data to it?

The TrueCrypt known limitations says

TrueCrypt currently does not support encrypting a system drive that has been converted to a dynamic disk.

Will adding a mirror force the disk to be dynamic in Windows?

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Last time I looked you cannot add a mirror in Windows without it being a dynamic disk. If you want RAID to work with truecrypt you are going to need to do it in hardware. –  Zoredache Oct 24 '13 at 18:38

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