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I have found similar questions as http://stackoverflow.com/questions/9157518/how-to-save-collapse-status-in-notepad and Is there a way to save the code folding in Notepad++?. And http://sourceforge.net/apps/ideatorrent/notepad-plus/ideatorrent/idea/236/ says something like it has been implemented.

But I'm using Notepad++ 6.5 with Session Manager plugin (http://mfoster.com/npp/) and it doesn't work.

Regardless the size of the file, when I open it I usually Alt+0 to collapse everything so I can quicker find the method I want, and then go expanding as needed.

What I wanted then was that any possible collapse to be done (automatically execute Alt+0) when a file is opened. But it would be useful too if I'd close a file and when open it again it would remember collapse status.

Is anybody able to do it?

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The last link you gave is correct. Notepad++ saves the session when you close it and restores the session when you open it. That is what was implemented. Saving sub-sessions for individual files doesn't seem to be yet implemented anywhere.

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