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I'd like to use a proxy when I browse websites for example. But I've no administrator-privilegs to install any software.

Is there a way to use a proxy(for example the google-proxy) without the requirement of installing any software?

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Yes, it's possible. You can use a service called gmodules.

What is Gmodules?
Gmodules is actually just a website-url: to which you have to attach your url to visit a website with the google proxy. Gmodules works on all operating systems, because it doesnt require any software installed.

Follow these steps to use the google proxy without installing any software:

  1. Find a website you want to visit with a proxy. For example:

  2. Now you have to use the gmodules-service.
    Gmodules provides a url you have to attach your url to. For example:

    As you see, I've attached the url which I want to visit, to the gmodules-url. So If you now open the url, the website will think, the google proxy connects to it.

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