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Looking to create a website with Hyde/Django to server static pages. Running Ubuntu.

Is there a certain folder or directory where I should be keeping this website? Should I just keep them in a "project" folder in ~?

Just looking for a norm, first time playing with Ubuntu. Thanks.

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the normal setup is to go for /var/www/html after if you prefer to have this in your home directory you can use the userdir extension (forum & howto).

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What web server are you using? With most, the default directory is in /var/www/, but of course this is totally configurable (e.g. in Apache 2, using the apache2.conf file or include files in /etc/apache2/sites-enabled). If you give more details you'll get a better answer.

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Well, I would like to play with nginx or lighttpd. Something lightweight. – Colby Nov 6 '09 at 5:43

I make a distinction between "development" and "deployment". I work on things in ~/project and I deploy them wherever they need to go - on my machine or on a remote server. You can read this to see what others have done.

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