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So, I installed the Chrome App Launcher on my PC (now on Win8.1) a few weeks ago, and, as I use it very often, I wanted to assign a keyboard shortcut for it. So, I right-clicked the icon on my desktop, and I assigned Ctrl+Alt+<.

The problem is... I moved the shortcut to my taskbar, and suddenly noticed that when I wanted to write the "\" (on a Belgian keyboard), it launched the Chrome App Launcher, which is very annoying. I wanted to change it back, but I can't... I deleted the taskbar shortcut, but the keyboard shortcut still launches the App Launcher. I also tried creating a new shortcut with the same association, hoping that it would crush the existing one, but it didn't work. I searched on Google for similar issues, and I couldn't find any... x~x

So... How can I delete this shortcut association..?

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