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This issue seems to have just started happening; basically I just noticed that whenever I press the Tab key in the Python interpreter that comes with Django, it gives me the Display all ... possibilities? (y or no) prompt.

I opened a similar question just now, where I noticed that removing set show-all-if-ambiguous on from .inputrc fixed the problem in the non-Django Python interpreter that was showing me bash tab completion, but the problem persists with the Django one, only with Python tab completion. It's very odd and it seems to have come out of nowhere.

There's nothing else in my .inputrc other than set completion-ignore-case on, which shouldn't be conflicting with the Python interpreter, but I've also tried removing that (leaving my .inputrc blank), but it's still happening.

I'm not sure why this is suddenly happening, but it would be great if someone had an idea of why and how to fix it.

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