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My virtual box xml files became corrupted when my computer ran out of space (both the .vbox and .vbox-prev). However, the .vdi files and snapshots are fine. Whenever I try to use VBoxManage it keeps complaining about the xml files being messed up. Is there another program that can re-assemble the snapshots into the base vdi file?

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Long time ago I managed to slove this problem many time by removing the last snapshot entry (or problem making one) from the xml file, one by one until problem solved (error message will help you to find). Also remove xml parts. – totti Nov 4 '13 at 10:09

From the thread Reconstructing VM from Backup - possible? :

The only cure is to create a temp folder, copy in the base VDI (.VirtualBox\HardDisks\hatchery.vdi), then copy in all the snapshot VDIs from your backup. The .sav files are ignored.

Use the CloneVDI tool to clone the newest snapshot VDI, do not make the mistake of cloning the base vdi. The clone will be a merge of the snapshot chain starting with the base vdi and ending with the selected snapshot.

You can build a new VM around the clone. Be careful to get the VM recipe as close as possible to the old one, I would copy hdd controller type, IO APIC setting, network card MAC address, RAM size.

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