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Note: I'm using Windows 7 with the classical alt-tab style, ie the registry key AltTabSettings set to 1.

I want to use MRU (most recently used) ordering of windows in the alt-tab list. However, because the windows are ordered in the Z order of the windows rather than actual MRU, this sometimes gives a different order after switching from an always-on-top application.

Example: I have applications A, B and C open. A is set to always-on-top while the others aren't. A is focused. I now press alt-tab and application B is focused. I now press alt-tab but instead of application A receiving focus, application C does. Since A has a higher Z order, it's now left of application B, despite being the most recently used, and application C is placed right of B and is the one first getting focus by the cursor. To switch to application A, I need to press shift+alt-tab or cycle through all the other open windows. This is annoying when flicking focus back and forth between an always-on-top application and one that isn't always-on-top.

Is there a way to make the alt-tab ordering strictly MRU?

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