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I'm running the Windows version of XBMC on my Windows 7 machine and I can't get my keymaps to work at all. What I have is a cheap Xbox 360 imitation controller picked up by Windows and XBMC as Generic USB Joystick. When looking at the log file, I see the following:

19:35:36 T:7436  NOTICE: CJoystick::EnumJoysticksCallback : Enabled Joystick: Generic   USB  Joystick
19:35:36 T:7436  NOTICE: CJoystick::EnumJoysticksCallback : Total Axis: 5 Total Hats: 1 Total Buttons: 12

I've created a custom keymap file for it in C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\XBMC\userdata\keymaps simply called "joystick.generic.xml" with the following information:

    <joystick name="Generic   USB  Joystick">

      <button id="1">Select</button>
      <button id="2">Back</button>
      <button id="3">ContextMenu</button>
      <button id="4">FullScreen</button>

      <button id="5">Queue</button>
      <button id="6">Playlist</button>
      <button id="7">PreviousMenu</button>
      <button id="8">XBMC.ActivateWindow(Home)</button>

      <button id="9">XBMC.ActivateWindow(ShutdownMenu)</button>
      <button id="10">XBMC.ActivateWindow(PlayerControls)</button>
      <button id="11">Up</button>
      <button id="12">Down</button>
      <button id="13">Left</button>
      <button id="14">Right</button>
      <button id="15">PreviousMenu</button>

      <axis id="1" limit="-1">AnalogSeekBack</axis>
      <axis id="1" limit="+1">AnalogSeekForward</axis>
      <axis id="2" limit="-1">AnalogSeekForward</axis>
      <axis id="2" limit="+1">AnalogSeekBack</axis>
      <axis id="3" limit="+1">ScrollUp</axis>
      <axis id="3" limit="-1">ScrollDown</axis>

      <axis id="5" limit="-1">VolumeUp</axis>
      <axis id="5" limit="+1">VolumeDown</axis>
      <axis id="4" limit="-1">VolumeDown</axis>
      <axis id="4" limit="+1">VolumeUp</axis>
      <hat id="1" position="up">Up</hat>
      <hat id="1" position="down">Down</hat>
      <hat id="1" position="left">Left</hat>
      <hat id="1" position="right">Right</hat>

When I'm in XBMC (and I've enabled that input devices and controllers can be used), none of the buttons do anything at any point.

Where am I going wrong?

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