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After an accident that damaged my hands, I am no longer able to do the two finger scrolling gesture on Macbook touchpad. On Windows I set up so called "scrollzone", it allows me to scroll smoothly by dragging one finger along the right edge of the touchpad.

I would like to have this feature on OSX as well.

I tried many apps, namely

and none of them could do this. I even tried to contact the developers if they would be willing to work on this, but they either ignore me or say they cannot do it.

People advise me to buy a Magic Mouse, which supposedly can do it, or to scroll with arrow keys. No, thanks. I know there are workarounds available, but I know what works best for me (scrollzone) and I am unwilling to settle for less.

I would gladly sacrifice other trackpad gestures. I cannot use them anyway.

There was a program called SideTrack that could do this, but it does not work any more. I wrote to the author, but got little help.

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I would recommend using BetterTouch Tool with configs as shown in the img:enter image description here

This will scroll the page up with single finger tap on top right corner and scroll down with single finger tap on bottom right corner

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This does not really answer my question and I am not sure why would anyone want to setup this (using trackpad to emulate Page Up/Down key) but thanks anyway. – user7610 Oct 28 '13 at 11:38

This is just an idea that came up reading this question. It's not a software solution, but hardware, well... I can't tell if it works or not. You know that smartphones have touchscreens, and there are pens that you can use for these touchscreens. I believe the Samsung Note has a pen like that.

Would such a pen work with a Macbook trackpad? I don't know. If it does, will two pens work similar to two finger scrolling? If so, read on...

You can make a double tip pen that can be attached to your finger. By changing the angle you can use one or two tips. Maybe even one tip is enough, by tilting your finger so that the pen and finger touch the trackpad at the same time. My guess is that won't work well, but maybe I'm wrong. That's for you to find out.

Maybe the touchscreen pens don't work, but something else will?

Just an idea this answer, thinking outside the box as they say nowadays, and maybe it inspires you or other people to come up with a better solution.

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