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I know there are an awful lot of similar questions to this one, although either none of the suggestions have worked or the issue I have is slightly different to what I've found.

The Problem:

When I have NO headphones plugged in sound comes from the laptop speakers. When I DO plug in the headphones there is no sound from either headphones or speakers. However, when I go to the volume mixer it shows sound being played through the speakers but NOT the headphones (again, no audible sound from either). When I disable the speakers it then shows audio going to the headphones (again, no audible sound). When I run "test" from the headphones in the sound options I can hear music from the speakers (even though I tested headphones!) and it shows audio going to the headphones.


Yes I have restarted my computer, reinstalled drivers, troubleshooted, changed defaults, unmuted/muted, disable/enabled both speakers and headphones, adjusted and changed volumes and settings in my additional audio software (SRS Audio), the headphones do work on other devices and have worked previously in this laptop (2 days ago).

What have I missed? How do I fix this?

Cheers, Justin

Laptop: HP ProBook 6570b with Windows 7

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Have you tried another set of headphones? – StBlade Oct 28 '13 at 6:43
hits head against brick wall – Jaysred Oct 29 '13 at 5:11

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