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I have done a multisession burning and have done the following steps:

  1. In Disk Utility, I have created a 256-bit encrypted CD/DVD master and have left the CD-R for future appends.

  2. In Toast Titanium, I have burned the audio tracks in disk-at-once, thus fixates and finalizes the CD-R along following the encrypted data session.

  3. Since I am the administrator of my Apple MacBook Pro, I am the only user to drag thus copy the audio files. The two sessions are mounted on Desktop, but that is logically normal in this case, since I am my own administrator. No other non-administrator can perform that on my MacBook without my permission.

  4. Physically transferred the CD-R onto my Windows 7 PC-based laptop (my other laptop).

  5. Create a bin/cue image snapshot with ImgBurn, a very popular free software.

  6. Finally, played both the original multi session burned and bin/cue image copied CD-Rs in VLC media player, a multi platform media player.

If I were to prohibit a one-to-one copy or image snapshot of my multi session CD-R, it would be this way to correct this.

Convert any other audio file format to AAC Advanced Audio Coding or MP4 MPEG-4 Audio/Video streaming. There may be one distinction: Those multimedia file formats are protected, although the users can drag or clipboard cut/copy/paste them.

Now I have not accomplished my tasks yet; however, I can burn the MP4 or AAC files onto a new multi session CD-R as it will be done in repeating steps 1-6.

If this outcome is true, I may have successfully prevented my multi session CD-R (the encrypted data session, and the protected AAC or MP4 media files are included), from making image snapshots or copies in all other computers or in any platform.

Please reply at your convenience if anybody has any comments.


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