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I am trying to print this pdf file through Google Chrome. For administrative reasons I would like to prove on the printed page that this comes from a certain website.

How to print this document in Chrome in a way that at the page's footer the URL of the website will appear?

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1. You're not printing "from a website", you're just printing a file. Files don't carry any origin metadata. 2. Let's assume you can print that PDF with some origin info. How would you prove that you haven't simply embedded origin data in a forged file? – gronostaj Oct 29 '13 at 11:08
@gronostaj: Thank you very much for your comment. They just need my contribution with a proof that comes from a cern site. I don't even know what does "embedded origin data in a forged file" mean. – Thanos Oct 29 '13 at 11:13
To put it simpler, imagine that you have that document printed and signed by a CERN employee. How would you prove that you haven't just forged the document and printed the signature instead of obtaining it legitimately? If you can print a "proof" on a regular printer, then you can print a fake proof too. – gronostaj Oct 29 '13 at 11:37
@gronostaj: I see what you mean. That's why I want the url to be visible. If someone has doubts, he can type the url in, in see the relevant document. – Thanos Oct 29 '13 at 11:50
In internet explorer you can add custom header and footers ( custom text only). – Davinder Dec 5 '15 at 16:53

A rather late answer, but there is a sort-of workaround that doesn't involve editing PDFs or using a Word doc:

  • Print out the PDF and put the page/s back in the printer
  • Viewing the PDF in the Adobe Reader in Chrome, go Hamburger menu > Print ... and it should show as a blank page
  • Select to add the URL header
  • Print as many copies as there were pages in the original PDF, and the URL will be overlaid
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Generally when you print a regular webpage (HTML file), you get some options in the Google Chrome print page dialog:

  • Headers and footers: Choose whether to include a default header and footer that display the date, page title, URL, and number of pages printed.

  • Two-sided: Choose this option to print on both sides of the paper if you have a duplex printer.

  • Print using system dialog (except Chrome OS): Use your operating system's print functionality instead of Chrome's functionality to print the page.

Selecting the Headers and footers would do exactly what you need to achieve - it will show the webpage URL in the footer (as well as some other data in the header and in the footer, as mentioned above).

However, when printing a pdf file in Chrome, you only get two options: Fit to page & Two-Sided. You can't include headers and footers in the pdf file.

So far I haven't found any simple workarounds to solve this. Using Adobe PDF viewer instead of Chrome's or using the default printer dialog won't help.

The only solution I found so far is to either download the pdf file to your computer (by right clicking the pdf page and clicking "Save as...") and edit it in a PDF manager/editor like Adobe Acrobat, or to edit the pdf file online, copy the URL of the pdf file, add it to the pdf file (where ever you want) and print it. Both will work.

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  1. Print out the PDF.
  2. Create a new Word document.
  3. Add a header with the PDF's URL.
  4. Print it on the same page as the PDF.

Done ;)

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I managed to use drop box to do a screen shot and this includes the date and time on my PC.

So keyboard shortcuts are Ctrl plus " Prt Sc" ( print screen!) and voila! will save you an image with a date and time where you can then crop in Microsoft photo editor or similar id you wish to trim down and neaten up.

Hope that helps someone!

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