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The program molly-guard is a brilliant little tool which will prompt you for a piece of information before you reboot or shut down a system. Usually it asks for the hostname. So when you work a lot via SSH, you won't end up taking down the wrong server, just because you were in the wrong tab or window.

Now, this works all fine when you say reboot on the command line while you are already root. However, it won't work if you do sudo reboot (i.e. it won't even ask). How can I get it to work with sudo as well?

System: Raspbian (latest, including updates), package molly-guard version 0.4.5-1.

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Mollyguard basically works by placing scripts in /usr/sbin/*. These scripts call the actual shutdown/halt/reboot binaries that are stored in /sbin. Sudo or the root on your system is probably set with a PATH that has /sbin before /usr/sbin/ in the effective PATH. Adjust your path so that /usr/sbin/ is first.

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Thanks, I'll give that a try. – 0xC0000022L Oct 30 '13 at 12:36

For me it was the combination of sudo and tmux that stopped it detecting the SSH session. (It also affects screen the same way - this is a known issue listed in man molly-guard.)

I solved it by adding this to the sudoers config file (using the visudo command):

Defaults env_keep += SSH_CONNECTION
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