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I am trying to find and replace an arrangement of 6 letters\special character\numbers.
For example they appear as such in my original code


The order in which the letters, numbers, and special character appear are always the same. I need to replace the _ (underscore) between CB3_09 with a - (hyphen).

I can easily find what I need using:

DEVICE_NAME","(.*_.*) (device)

but am having issues replacing the _ with a -.

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You can use capture groups to capture this format as 2 parts (the part before the special character and the part after), and just replace the special character between them:

Match: (DEVICE_NAME",".*?)_(.*? device)

Replace with: $1-$2

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Search for:    `(DEVICE_NAME","[A-Z]{2}[0-9])_([0-9]{2} DEVICE)`
Replace with:  `\1-\2`

By being a little more specific with the search term you make sure you are replacing exactly what you want.

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