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I'm trying to send an IPP print job using the ipptool. Using the sample .test files, I can send commands to the printer, but I am unable to successfully use the print-job.test file.

Here's an example using ipptool.

c:\...>ipptool -v ipp://name.local.:631/ipp/printer print-job.test
ipptool: Filename "$filename" on line 21 cannot be read.
ipptool: Filename mapped to "".

It looks like it's failing resolving the variable $filename within the test file so I attempted to hardcode this value in the test file. In this case I get no error, but still no print.

Does anybody have any experience using ipptool to test ipp printing?

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Try this line:

c:\...>ipptool -vt -f [name of your URF file] ipp://name.local.:631/ipp/printer print-job.test

and have the URF file in the same location as your .test file. Also, it is recommended to have the ipptool in the same location as well.

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