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I seem to have to maunally click "Download Sources and Documentation" after each clean install, is there a way to get this to happen by default?

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This would be a question better asked on the Intellij community forum. If there is no obvious answer the logical answer likely is there isn't a way to do thsi. –  Ramhound Oct 30 '13 at 11:05

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It is also a setting on the Import Project/Module screen, or available via settings under Maven > Importing: Automatically download sources/documentation

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FYI, that setting is only retained for the current IntelliJ project. It says "For current project" at the top of the dialog. Not sure what can be done about this though. –  Jon Onstott Apr 23 at 15:47

Intellij is ultimately using maven to download sources and documentation. So you need to configure maven.

Please see: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/5780758/maven-always-download-sources-and-javadocs

So your sources and javadocs will be automatically downloaded whenever you do clean install.

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