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I want to have 2 users be able to use the same itunes library and be able to sync an ipod which ever user is logged in. I tried making both the My Music folders point to the same folder, but that didn't work. One itunes would not store its library info in that folder. I was wondering if I could create a junction directory so that I can have both My Music folders redirect to a common library folder. I've only read about directory junctions , I havn't tried them.

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Directory Junctions are like drugs - you'll link your ituneses, and then you're hooked. – Phoshi Nov 6 '09 at 21:33
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Yes you can, just make sure both users have adequate permissions to access the folder. You can use the command line tool mklink to create a directory junction:

mklink /j "C:\Documents and Settings\Someuser\My Documents\My Music\" C:\Music

replace their My Music folder location accordingly.

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This is a great way to put your data on a separate hard drive, while still being able to use links to the normal "My Music/Documents/Pictures" folders. – Sasha Chedygov Nov 6 '09 at 21:45

Alternatively, have iTunes use the "Public Music" folders instead, since all users already have access to these folders.

In Windows 7, this is C:\Users\Public\Public Music

I forget what it is in Vista, but it's probably similar. And in XP it's probably under C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Shared Documents or something similar.

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