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FreeBSD 7.0 on Parallels Desktop 3.0 for Mac, ran out of space while building

I downloaded the VM of FreeBSD 7.0 here:

and updated the ports tree and then started building Mono and dependencies.

I ran out of space on /usr/ports while building mono-; that virtual hdd has 2GB. I have ~4GB free on /home. How do I (1) duplicate /usr/ports perfectly (cp -r ?) to /home/usrports, so I can move /usr/ports to /usr/old and then (2) can I just symlink /usr/ports to /home/usrports? Alternately, can I begin a new ports deal in /home/ports? I'd like to not have to start that over since I have downloaded and compiled a number of ports already, so copying would be a better option.

OR ALTERNATELY (MY REAL GOAL): What is the best route to getting FreeBSD 7.0+ (preferably 7.2) running Mono and preferably KDE (since then I can copy paste stuff via the web), on a VM in Parallels?

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I realize downloading a premade VM image is convenient, but I suggest going to the source and installing it yourself. I suggest using only 1 partition for everything. This way you can give it a comparatively small drive (to save space on the host machine) and not worry about issues where one partition fills and another is empty.

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I think I'll try this. I did it with FreeBSD 6.2 so I can get it working again on 7.2. – Jared Updike Jul 17 '09 at 6:57
"comparatively small drive"... well, that was the problem, but I know what you mean. Instead of 6.5 GB with 4.5 GB free, I can just make a 6.5GB (or 8GB) partition like my 6.2 hdd, which hasn't ran out of space with KDE and all its dependencies. If I have lots of unused free space I can try Parallels virtual hd compression. – Jared Updike Jul 17 '09 at 7:02
FreeBSD 7.2 was successful. Unfortunately the binaries output by mkbundle won't run on my web host because the host web server is missing (at least one) missing .so ( file. Perhaps I can persuade them to install mono-2.4 directly. – Jared Updike Jul 19 '09 at 20:39

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