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I have a clean install of Win 7 on some relatively old hardware. Everything works pretty well however my cpu is pegged at 100% most of the time. Task Manager shows srvchost as being a main culprit of course but also system interrupts. I have a Biostar socket 478 MB with Via chipset. I have tried to find Windows 7 drivers for this but when I download and try to install what VIA/BIOSTAR say should be good for all OS's it will not load. I get a message saying can't find components for this OS. Anybody have any idea where I might find suitable drivers for the Chipset? BTW I'm not using the integrated graphics on the board but have a radeon 4500 pci-e card.

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Have you tried 'brute force'?

Install the driver via the device manager, choose 'let me pick from a list ... / have disk' and ignore the subsequent warnings.

alt text

Backup the drive, in case Windows 7 doesn't like this method!

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