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I have a GTK Linux application which I want to use as an "Accept Terms of Usage" screen prior to the user logging in. The application is simple, a big Box with a Label and an Acknowledge button on the bottom. When the user clicks it the processing continues on to the gdm login screen.

The name of my application is /usr/bin/consent, I am using /usr/libexec/gdmlogin and I have added have added /usr/bin/consent as the last line in the /etc/gdm/Init/Default file.

My Problem:

The application executes fine, before anything else, the user clicks "I Acknowledge" and everything continues on to the gdmlogin screen, BUT, it is almost as if X takes a snapshot of the GTK window and places it in the upper-left corner. So now in the background, I am looking at my Acknowledgement GUI. In a process listing the application is terminated.

Any ideas?

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I found the issue although I'm not sure why gdm behaves this way. I had a gdm background image defined, the gnome foot, so when I went in and removed the login background image from the gdm login screen things worked fine.

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