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Windows 7
Connected to Wifi - "Hydra"

Galaxy Nexus
Android 4.2
Connected to Wifi - "Hydra"

I am not able to discover or ping my laptop from any android app (I used Fing/network discovery). I see that the Gateways are different in both devices and so is the IP range. This is my office network, so I cannot control IPs and Gateways assigned to my devices. Is there anyway to connect these two devices using wifi in this case?

My goal is to run a client app in android and a server in laptop and make them communicate. For that I need them to ping each other first.

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Your companies DHCP server assigned you IP address on a different SubNet, and generaly, you can not communicate across subnets unless you set up a virtual lan.

You can either request IT to VLAN your devices, or set up an AdHoc network. Use your laptop to host a WiFi network that your android device connects to.

In Windows 7, I am unsure about 8, but it will probably work as well, you can even connect to a WiFi network while hosting one as well.

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