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I love the Epic privacy browser because it is built from the ground up to enhance privacy. It's built on Chromium but because it has stripped out all code that tracks users across the Internet, pages load faster and things work snappier. With one click you can enable a proxy to hide your IP address, sort of like Chrome's "Incognito" mode on steroids.

But there's a problem: if I load Epic, go to facebook.com, log in, and then click the proxy button, I can use Facebook for a while. But eventually, Facebook would throw up an error screen, saying that it thinks that my account has been hacked, and then it would make me verify my identity, force me to change my password, etc. I've had to change my password four times in as many days, which is very annoying. Now I turn on the proxy for browsing on to every other site but Facebook.

Question: how can I use the proxy settings on Epic privacy browser to successfully log onto and use Facebook?

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When you use a proxy, web sites, such as Facebook, see the IP address of the proxy instead of your real IP address. I'm not sure how the proxy feature in Epic is implemented, but I guess it uses multiple proxy servers that are located in different countries. When Facebook detects that your IP address country changed, it may treat this as a suspicious activity. Also, the IP address of the proxy may be on a blacklist after being compromised by other users.

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