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I saved a Powerpoint as a pdf in Office 2007 but I don't see any options to add print restrictions or edit restrictions to it.

I don't have Adobe either, so I'm wondering if there is any alternative way to add restrictions to a pdf.

I know there are tools to remove document restrictions, but can they do they opposite? Is there any freeware or websites available that can add restrictions to my pdf I created?

I found a website that looked promising but it didn't end up working (The upload didn't work).

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If you want to change restrictions for an already created PDF, you can use PDF-XChange Viewer. You can download this for free and open the PDF you want to modify. Go to File > Document Properties. Go to Security Section of the Properties window and change Security method from No Security to Password Security. Security Settings in PDF-XChange Viewer

You can use PrimoPDF software.... This will allow you to print any document/webpage any thing that can be printed to a PDF, you can also set Security options like password etc

PrimoPDF Security Options

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PDF-XChange Viewer worked great! They even have a portable version. –  suit Nov 1 '13 at 21:56

Foxit has a 30 day trial. http://www.foxitsoftware.com/PDF_Editor/protect-sign.php the document encryption section looks promising.

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