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Call me old fashioned but I like to use the cursor keys on the numeric keypad with Num Lock turned off. (There was a time many years ago when standard keyboards only had this...)

This is fine most of the time but in Eclipse it's causing problems with some of the shortcuts, e.g. Alt+Up/Down to move lines around and Alt+Left to navigate backwards -- both of these stick in a symbol (e.g. ☻ for Alt+Down) after performing the shortcut function.

As a last resort I could either (a) reassign the shortcut keys (don't want to do this as would prefer to use/learn the standard ones) or (b) use the mini cursor keys (not keen on this as prefer to have PgUp/PgDn/Home/End underneath my fingers without jumping my hand around).

So my question is: Is it possible to turn off the Alt+numpad shortcut for inserting ASCII characters? (I'm using Windows 7.)

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