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I'm left-handed and I'm in need of a good computer mouse with at least five buttons. However, most computer mice on the market are sadly right-handed and very impracticable to use with the extra buttons on my pinkie side instead of on my thumb side.

The Dragon War Astra has two buttons on both sides. Buttons 4 and 5 on the left side and the dpi-buttons on the right side. If I were just able to re-assign them so they swap positions I'd have a great left-handed mouse. Sadly, the program X-Mouse Button Control doesn't allow the user to re-assign dpi buttons. My question is whether there exist other methods to still get it to work for me (third party programs, perhaps?). Or should I get another gaming mouse?

EDIT: I tried to redirect the buttons using AutoHotKey, but after running mousehook and keyboardhook the buttons appeared to not register after checking the keyhistory. I guess you can't map those buttons on this kind of mouse. I've also found out that you can with Logitech mice, but as far as I know those are the only ones. Either that, or buy a specific left-handed mouse.

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