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I just got a Lumia 521 with Windows Phone 8 and am trying to get the device to work with the Zune software on my PC. I still have my Windows Phone 7 device, and the new one is not working the same way. When I plug the WP7 device into the PC's USB port, it automatically fires up Zune and I can sync my podcasts and music etc to the device. But when I plug the Lumia into the PC it doesn't fire up Zune, and if I start Zune manually, it doesn't interface with the phone at all.

Perhaps I am missing something and WP8 isn't supposed to use Zune to interface with the phone?

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OK, I can now answer my own question.

The answer is: NO.

Disappointing, but apparently they decided against interfacing WP8 with Zune. Which sucks because the Zune software is quite good. Or, at least I like it.

Apparently there is an app you can install on the phone that enables syncing with your PC, but it only works for Windows 7 and 8. Unfortunately, I'm still stuck on Vista. Info about this app is here: Windows Phone App for Desktop.

I got this information from

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