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I have recently installed updates on my Linux Mint to find that nothing can be displayed over the Desktop...when I open a folder it only displays as a black border...same with the welcome dialog.The start like menu bar is displayed conversely without it's border.

I find that windows are overlapping where they should not be.I can still drag and resize them but I find for example that the menu overlaps with the desktop.

Suggest any action(s) that help me fix this problem.

Thanking you in advance for your answers.


I previously updated libgl mesa,upower after which the problem started occurring.I have removed ligl mesa but it did not fix the issue.Now,even worse the mouse won't work.. the pointer does not move on the screen


I find that clicking on the show desktop menu brings the desktop back,shows all icons as it is supposed to...it is also possible to open the menu in this mode,however once I try opening the terminal,synaptic,vlc or the file manager it displays the desktop background with a dark border surrounding it.

However firefox opened up at all times,I have installed fglrx as the graphics driver.

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