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I'm trying to backup my DVD collection. I have Handbrake, and will eventually experiment with the best settings to use.

For now, I'd like to backup the DVD's to ISO files, that i can mount and then use Handbrake on later, or burn back on to DVD should the original get damaged. I have a WD TV box that is capable of playing ISO files also.

What's the best program for doing this? I'm not so much concerned with file size.

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Use DVD Decryptor to decrypt in ISO mode. Also, there is a setting in there that collates all the VOB files into a single .VOB file. Once you have a single VOB then there are lots of options such as using AVIDemux to rip it to video. If you dont collate the VOB then you have to worry about multiple VOBs during ripping and thats a hassle.

Never use anything other than Handbrake or AVIDemux. IMHO, they are the best.

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vlc can just play the vob. – jiggunjer Dec 29 '15 at 10:08

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