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I am using command line vim running from an xterm (which runs sh). I have color in vim according to a color scheme I like. The problem is, as usual with 256-color terminals and truecolor color schemes, colors are wrong. Now, I know I can do a gazillion things to fix this, including installing gvim, but I like my terminal.

In fact, using xrdb [-merge] .Xresource file, I now actually have xterm override the color values, and the theme now looks perfect.

Since, I may be switching to another theme, I need some workflow to have vim actually do what xrdb does - to reset terminal color pallette. Because right now I have to reset color values with xrdb ... first, then launch another xterm to actually use these values, then launch vim from that newly opened xterm to have the exact colors. The way I understood it is that vim color scheme, just as any other terminal application, uses colors by referencing their ids, and X resources set the values themselves.

I think I saw somewhere on Internet, that terminal control character sequences can reset actual color values, in fact, I am sure they can - I managed to set my terminal background color at runtime. How would I make vim execute these sequences to match values for the color scheme? And is there any reference to these control sequences, as part of any standard?

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