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In Tweetdeck I have two accounts; a default one and a secondary one. I have them both in separate columns.

However, when a person crops up in my non-default account column that I want to follow I can't seem to find a way to follow them from that account.

Hovering over the 'Follow' button brings up the tooltip saying 'From {@Account A}' but no way to switch to the other account.

Tweetdeck screenshot

Aside from opening up the link in my browser, signing into Twitter from my second account and then finding the user that way, can I do it directly from Tweetdeck?

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To the left of the follow button is an image of a head with a pull down menu. The second from the top option in the pull down menu is "follow from user accounts". Select this option and a dialogue box appears with your various accounts with a follow button beside them. You can select whichever one you want to follow from.

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Yup, good find there. I wonder if that's always been the case? I'd have thought I'd have noticed that option before, but it certainly is the way to do it it as of today. – JonW Mar 24 '14 at 11:55

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