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I am using Ubuntu 13.10 (with Gnome 3.10.1) and MonoDevelop

Before switching to GDM and Gnome 3 MonoDevelop worked just fine, but after switching I get this popup: "Could not connect to debugger" (as the picture shows, first the "Waiting.." popup pops up, then the could not connect (all this happens instantly)).

I am aware you can use the internal console (Project -> Options -> General) but it does not do it for me. I want the Gnome-terminal as I'm used to.

Does anyone know a fix to this? (Yes, I've tried reinstalling (including apt-get purge and removing the settings in ~/home)

enter image description here

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This is due to a recent gnome-terminal change. Recent gnome-terminal no longer accepts the --disable-factory argument.

Install the xterm package, then in a gnome-terminal session do the following:

$ monodevelop

This will cause monodevelop to use xterm as its external terminal and all should be well.

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