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I'm trying to do this: make a symlink of a whole directory "C:/Master", in different folders like "C:\Projects\Alpha\", "C:\Projects\Beta\" an so on.

"Master" directory usually changes in files and data. I work on the "Projects/*", where every project folder uses the "Master" files, but every one has new files in them. Let's say, I point to the car engine in every project folder, and inside them I add different kind of wheels.

The problem I'm having, as a Windows 8 user, is that symlinks (junction) acts as a window to "Master" - I'm not allowed to add any file inside. I looking a way to reference the entire "Master" directory, and add new files - not edit any of the "Master" ones.

It's as described here, but on Windows.

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The answer to the question you reference is to use hard links instead of symlinks (and to link all the files, rather than the directories). Have you tried that? – Scott Nov 4 '13 at 23:49
Yes, I tried, but the other team adds and combines files at daily basis, so I have to copy and paste all files every time a change is done, or before work on it, in every Project folder. Its time consuming. – DarkGhostHunter Nov 21 '13 at 0:26

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