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VLC Player v1.1.11 Windows 7 Ultimate

VLC player launches each new video with setting I used once to brighten a dark video. On a second computer, VLC player opens all videos rotated 270 which was a feature I used once. I now have to manually uncheck Image adjust on one computer & uncheck Transform on another for each video to have it play without these custom settings.

I've custom mapped VLC Hotkeys that I use extensively. As a result, I do not want to "reset preferences" and lose my Hotkey mapping.

VLC > Tools > Settings > Video Effects > Basic > Image Adjust (Brightness, Contrast, etc.) VLC > Tools > Settings > Video Effects > Basic > Transform (Rotate 90, 180, 270)

Is there a setting I'm not finding to stop VLC from applying a one time adjustment to all videos?

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