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When working with eclipse, I'm used to have a floating window with the console and other views on my secondary monitor. Since the update to OSX 10.9 (Mavericks), I still can drag the floating window to the secondary screen, but it keeps popping back to the main monitor when e.g. changing the perspective - which is really annoying. This did not happen with Mac OS 10.8. Is there a way that the floating windows of eclipse stay on the secondary monitor?

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Since Mac OS 10.9, the second screen is actually an own "space" and Mac OS seems to gather all windows of an application on the same space - somehow. But anyway. To switch back to the previous behaviour where the default space simply spans both screens, you can uncheck the box called "Displays have separate spaces" ("Monitore verwenden verschiedene Spaces" in German) in the "Mission Control" settings. After logging out and in again, the desktop and eclipse's floating windows behave like always again.

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+1 for the good question and answer. Unfortunately, the answer is "No"... if you want the behaviour to affect eclipse only. For example, I like how I can keep Mail off in space 4 on display 2, but sometimes open one message and keep it in space 1 on display 1. –  martin jakubik Jul 11 at 7:21

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