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I have a virtual machine (VM) hosted on a MacBook Pro (MBP). There is a server installed on the VM. I'm trying to make this server accessible via MBP's WiFi hotspot so I can see it from my iPhone when connected to the hotspot.

The VM is Parallels (latest version) and its OS is Win7 and the MBP is 2013 with Mavericks.

With default settings and no hotspot enabled I can access the VM's server from the host OSX. The network setting on the VM is "Shared" and it's IP is 10.211.x.x.

When I join the hotspot from another laptop the other laptop gets an IP 169.254.x.x and it can't ping 10.211.x.x or access the server on that VM

Is there a combination of settings on the VM and MBP's hotspot such that I can access the VM server from a client on the MPB's hotspot?

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