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My LAN is simple:

  • Router: C.C.1.1
  • Win 7 laptop: C.C.1.2
  • RPi: C.C.1.3

"C.C" = 192.168...

The Win 7 laptop is connected via its WiFi interface. I have connected another machine (let's call this 'machine X' for clarity) by Ethernet to the Ethernet port on the Win 7 laptop and activated ICS on the Win 7 laptop so that it will share the WiFi connection. This will enable machine X to access the internet.

I have done this because I am troubleshooting an application on machine X and have gone the long way round to effectively sniff the traffic coming from it.

So now the reason I am posting on ServerFault: I want to use my RPi as a HTTP traffic proxy so that I can forward all traffic from the Win 7 laptop which is coming from machine x only to the RPi (on the RPi I am testing some applications relevant to this whole experiment...). I am hoping there's a few quick Iptables commands I can enter here... So my questions then are:

  1. Can I use sudo echo "1" > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward and then manipulate iptables to achieve this?
  2. Or will I have to use something like Squid?
  3. How would I use, if I can, the Windows Advanced Firewall to forward only the traffic coming from Machine X to the RPi?
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