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Would disabling compiz have any possible negative effects on Ubuntu?

I believe I need to disable it because it is too resource-intensive.

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+1 for the question, resulting in completely different recommendations in its answers... :-) – Arjan Nov 7 '09 at 14:31
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Less eye candy, that's about it. If you liked the video acceleration feature, that is fairly useful though.

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Yes, it would! Compiz, running without even a single extra plugin, makes the windows move more smoothly by using the graphics card instead of the processor. Without it, moving a window across another will produce artifacts as the window struggles to redraw fast enough to make it unnoticable. It's hardly a major con, but if you can run compiz, I'd recommend it just for that.

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You will get a lot of benefits :)

  • a much more usable window switcher (alt+tab)
  • a snappier system
  • less problems when developing or using OpenGL applications
  • you will look more professional!
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