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I am trying to convert a large number of PDFs (~15000) to plain text using pdftotext. This is working pretty well except for a few of the PDFs (~600) which, I guess, are "PDF portfolios."

When I run these PDFs through pdftotext, it just outputs:

For the best experience, open this PDF portfolio in Acrobat 9 or Adobe Reader 9, or later. Get Adobe Reader Now!

If I do open these PDFs in Adobe Reader, they look like two or more PDFs inside a single file.

Has anyone encountered this issue before? Is there any tool I can use to convert these PDFs automatically? (Either directly to text or at least to regular PDFs that pdftotext can then understand.)

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You can use Xpdf.

It has a utility pdfdetach which can extract the files from a Pdf portfolio.

pdfdetach -saveall your_pdf_portfolio.pdf

I don't know which pdftotext you are using, but Xpdf also has its own pdftotext.

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