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Basic Information

Router: Netgear R6300v2, connected to wired network(IPv6 supported)

Client 1: MacBook Air 2013-mid(OS X 10.9), connected to router wirelessly

Client 2: Synology NAS(DSM 4.3, linux based OS), connected to router with wire

Router Setting: IPv4 use NAT, IPv6 use Pass-Throughout mode


IPv4 network works fine for both client1 and client2, but while client2(aka the nas) can use IPv6, client 1(aka the mac) can't access IPv6 network.


Both client1 and client2 got valid IPv6 address.

When ping ipv6.google.com, client2 got response but client1 got nothing.

Since both clients connected to same router with same configuration, I guess it's something wrong with the mac. I tried reboot, re-connect to the Wi-Fi hotspot, but nothing works.

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