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I often zoom in a step or two when reading long texts in Firefox, but when I do so the images become super blurry. It's not really a big deal but when reading text on images (mathematical equations mostly), it's a bit distracting.

It seems as if they are scaled using only bilinear interpolation. If I scale an image the same amount in for example Paint.NET or Photoshop the result is much better.

Is there any way to change the filtering method used by Firefox to bicubic or another better method?

I am Using Firefox 3.5 on Windows BTW.

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If you only want to zoom the text, and not the images, this article describes Text Zoom:

To resize screen text:

First, at the top of the Firefox windowon the menu bar, click the View menu, scroll to the Zoom sub-menu, and select Zoom Text Only.

You may then zoom only the text while using the keyboard (ctrl +-0) or the mouse (ctrl scroll-wheel).


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Not exactly what i was looking for but small sharp text is better than big blurry. Thanks :) – peak Nov 7 '09 at 20:35

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