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VMware Workstation makes it easy to record videos of virtual machines. However, my setup is using ESXi - I access the console through vSphere. I would like to record a video of the virtual machine, but can't seem to find a way to do this through vSphere. Any ideas?

(Of course, I could just install screen capture software on my own workstation, which is running the console - but I believe I'll get much better results capturing it through vmware itself. I don't want to install any software on the guest machine.)

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vSphere does not feature video recording capability like Workstation I'm afraid..

A screen area/window capture tool on the administrating machine accessing the vSphere client might give better results.

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If im not mistaken you can set up VMWare work station to connect to your vShpere server as a client and be able to open your console to be recorded. Just click on File and then select add server and enter the information for your VSpere vCenter server.

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