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On november 15 there is a Microsoft Hackathon in Kortrijk (Belgium) where I want to compete with a friend. However, my licence of Visual Studio is a licence which I got from Dreamspark Premium.

To avoid problems november 15 I want to be sure I can use my dreamspark licence on the hackathon. Is there anyone who knows for sure its allowed (by being a lawyer or experienced)

Any help would be really helpful.

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Your license is valid until you are no longer eligible to download the software which is normally 24 months after you "purchase" it. – Ramhound Nov 7 '13 at 12:51
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I'd like to help but you did not mention the end of the licence date?

For indepth-details for MS licence subscriptions, see this. Also this QA topic suggests it is free.

On another note, do you think it you are much less competitive by using the free Visual Studio (2012) Express Editions.The IDE is pretty similar, as are the shortcuts. Am I correct in the assumption that this event is a few-hours long Hackathon ?

In fact, you may just as well use MonoDevelop and probably still be highly competitive based on other merits than your proficiency in a given IDE.

I hope this helps.

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Sorry for not mentioning the end of licence date. According to dreamspark itself it expires february 2015. – Jeroen De Meerleer Nov 7 '13 at 12:58

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