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Is their way to get manpages on windows machine, apart online-manpages.
- I have a suggestion, if someway i get all the manpages in a text format (still donot know how), put then in a dir and then get it index, with google desktop, or even better an in-build window-indexing. I think it shall do the needful.
Is there any better alternate.

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You could run linux in a VM, run a co-linux instance, or ssh into a linux box i suppose.

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I am already doing that, grml in virtualbox, but the point is, it kills the over productivity, capture mouse, pickup ur hands press the the rt-ctrl key. I was looking for something as convenient (ctrl+shift+T - to open the new window) and then type man abc. –  Vivek Sharma Nov 7 '09 at 11:05

You can install the cygwin suite for windows. http://www.cygwin.com/

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