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Here is my story: I have 3 routers:

  • Router 0: UPVEL UR-315BN (faulty and has weak Wi-Fi signal) is located in a store room. (I can't use its Wi-Fi except in the range of 3-4 meters. Currently, the Wi-Fi is off, and I don't plan to use it). It is plugged with my ISP ethernet cable.
  • Router A: Asus RT-N66U is connected with UPVEL by DC powerline. It has one USB that I want to use with HDD, streaming movies to Smart TVs through DLNA.
  • Router B: Asus RT-N53 is connected with UPVEL by ethernet connection.

These two letter routers has no possible wired connection (they are situated in two opposite ends of my flat).

I want to set up this network to, for example, stream movies from router A to TVs connected to the router B, or, to send (over Apple's AirPrint (Bonjour service)) documents with iPad connected to the B router to printer, connected to the router A. I'm sorry, but it seems that I can't post more than 2 links. And yes, I googled this problem, but I could not find any solution for my configuration and my limits (Router A and B can't be connected with cable).

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If you use the DHCP-capabilities of your "Router 0" (UPVEL) you can disable the DHCP on both the A and B router.

You need to plug the cable (from the UPVEL, ethernet for B and powerline for A ones) in an available LAN-port (leaving the WAN-port of these routers unused). You can use the other LAN-ports for computer and devices. They will get an IP from "Router 0".

Now you can reach all the connected computers/devices through every router. (no need to connect A to B because they are both connected to 0.)

(You may want to set the IP of router A and B to a static one within the range of your network so you can reach them for administrative purposes)


Router 0: Static IP / DHCP -
Router A: Static IP / DHCP Off
Router B: Static IP / DHCP Off
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thanks for helping me! But doesn't that mean that this will increase CPU load on the Router-0? We now have 7 devices that are constantly connected to Wi-Fi and it can b up to 10-12. – Pavel Nov 8 '13 at 18:27
Seeing the LAN-ports of the UPVEL-router this shouldn't be a problem. They are "10/100Mbps". You could go up to 200Mbps with the dc powerline but the ethernet of RT-N53 is also 100Mbps. So only the devices on the RT-N66U could get 1000Mbps between them self. Any traffic to the RT-N53 would end up limited to 100Mbps. So if that goes over the UPVEL-router (also 100Mpbs) it does not limit the speed. Only if you have 5 devices, each pulling down more than 20Mbps at the same time on the RT-N66U from a device on the UPVEL side you could see slow down. But the change of that seems remote. – Rik Nov 8 '13 at 18:47
BTW you say the UPVEL is faulty. In what way? Just the WiFi part or is it completely unstable, also for wired connections? For a normal router 10-20 connected computer shouldn't be a problem. – Rik Nov 8 '13 at 18:52
It's unstable when there are 2 or more wireless clients. Btw, has anyone used 'media server' feature on Asus routers? I setted it up, now I can upload movies through FTP to the USB thumbdrive in RT-N66U, or even add torrent file in 'download master' (then I can easily watch them on my TVs through DLNA). The only feature I need and couldn't set up is to get access to this router (Router A) through the Internet (to be able remotely download torrents). I have public static IP address. I tried to play with DMZ and Port Forwarding settings, but I didn't get any luck. I apologize for an offtopic. – Pavel Nov 9 '13 at 15:00
I wouldn't place Router A in the DMZ. Your question (remotely download torrents) was buried deep in your comment so maybe you should better ask it as a new question. At least it will get a lot more attention then a comment on an (already accepted) answer. But what exactly is the problem with forwarding a port on the UPVEL to the Router A on It depends on the torrent-app which ports. – Rik Nov 13 '13 at 15:56

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