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The shell on my vagrant box is incredibly slow, atleast at some things. For instance, if I press enter with nothing typed in, it takes about 3-5 seconds for it to be ready to take another command. This should be 0 to nearly 0 on most machines.

This is my second vagrant box after my first one was rendered unusable somehow (i forget) and I had to recreate it. However I dont remember it being this slow.

When I hit enter I can see 1 of my CPUs hit or come close to 100% and then come down before it is ready to accept input.

Disclaimer, I am using a P4 so I dont expect it to be super snappy but I expect it to be 80-90% of the host OS (Linux Mint 15) which it is not able to maintain.

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seems to be because of my Bashrc stuff, If i move out of a git folder(I use lot of git status detection stuff) it goes up to what I see in the host system, and in sudo -i it is virtually 0 – Karthik T Nov 8 '13 at 16:12
Enter set -x and watch what's happening. – glenn jackman Nov 8 '13 at 16:41
@glennjackman ah interesting, havent come across that one before.. I see a git diff at which the terminal hangs a bit.. I think my __git_ps1 uses that if dirty state is enabled – Karthik T Nov 9 '13 at 2:20

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