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I am trying to unhide all the .htaccess files in my home folder. Below I've pasted what I'm using now, but it isn't working.

find ~/ -iname ".htaccess" | xargs chflags nohidden "{}"

Anyone knows why it keeps giving me errors that the file does not exists?

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Changing the hidden/nohidden flags on a dotfile isn't going to make it appear. Finder always hides dotfiles, unless you set the AppleShowAllFiles property:

defaults write AppleShowAllFiles -bool true
osascript -e 'quit app "Finder"'

That, however, will make all hidden files appear.

As for the errors you're getting, it's hard to tell. Not that it's going to make a difference because the files will still be hidden, but maybe try find ~ -iname '.htaccess' -exec chflags nohidden {} \;.

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I know that one, but since I have a lot of .files and .dirs, it makes a mess of my finder. – jeroenvisser101 Nov 9 '13 at 10:59
Unfortunately, it's not possible. You could maybe symlink the .htaccess files to htaccess ones that would be always visible. – slhck Nov 9 '13 at 11:01
That's a shame actually, I will except your answer as it's closest as you could be :) Thanks! – jeroenvisser101 Nov 10 '13 at 10:56

Make an alias file of the .htaccess file. Open Terminal app, navigate to the folder than contains the .htaccess file, and enter:

mv .htaccess\ alias htaccess

This will only create a visible file that links to the .htaccess file for editing and for only that one, not every .htaccess file.

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