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What is a .bundle file and how do I run it?

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.bundle is also used by Git. If you have a Git bundle, use Git to checkout from the bundle. It is basically just a remote repository residing on your filesystem.

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FWIW: Here's the Git documentation on bundle with examples And the all important: git clone -b master /home/me/tmp/file.bundle – Abel Dec 12 '15 at 21:41

The .bundle file extension references:

  1. At FILEext -- Bundle (Plug-ins and Add-ons)

    The BUNDLE file type is primarily associated with 'OS X' by Apple Inc.. Used for various plug-in and add-on features for OS X. BUNDLE files sometimes contain .PLUGIN files in Mac OS X.

    Other applications associated with file type BUNDLE:
    iMovie 3 (Plug-in Bundle) by Apple Inc.

  2. At FileInfo -- Mac OS X Application Plug-in

  3. You could also get a Linux installable for VMWare as a .bundle file.
    Ubuntu forum reference to work with that.

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File Type: Mac OS X Application Plug-in

Bundle file or plug-in that adds extra features to the operating system or an application in Mac OS X; examples include support for audio and video cards, custom printer filters, extensions for Dreamweaver, and additional effects in iMovie.

Most bundle files can be found within the /System/Library directory; others are stored in application or applications support folders.

NOTE: Bundle files are referenced by the programs below and should not be opened manually.

Program(s) that open bundle files:

Mac OS Mac OS Apple Mac OS X (operating system)

Adobe CS3 programs

Microsoft Office programs

Perl engine


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