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I have recently upgraded from Expression 2 to 3. It's much better, but I cannot get the Thesaurus to work.

It worked fine before the upgrade. Precise error message 'No thesaurus is available for English (United Kingkdom)'

I am indeed, in the UK. I have set Tools Page Editor Options to first UK and then USA - no joy. In truth I don't mind the US thesaurus, it would certainly beat 'No thesaurus'

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This is a bug. It will probably be fixed in the upcoming service pack 1. If you need further details I suggest asking a ms mod on the ms forum at state all you have said above, the more confirmations the better.


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Thank you Tina. Expression 3 seems 90% better than 2, but 10% worse. – Guy Thomas Nov 8 '09 at 11:07

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